5 Steps to cure depression [causes, Symptoms, Treatment]

One fine day i came home & started feeling shortness of breath, restless, vomiting like feeling. My son took me to local doctor  for checkup. Doctor said that might be effect of depression & Anxiety due to tension in daily life routine.

Doctor asked me to remain calm & do breathing exercise also prescribed some medicines for treatment of depression like _ Escitalopram by Lexapro. 1970 out of 2039 people  _found suffering from chronic depression in the study conducted in January 2017 in 5 states of USA including Hawaii, California, Georgia, Texas & New York.

No any other medicine had shown such a boosting result then _ “lexapro 10 mg” _ well known as _ “Lexapro” _ can be bought on 2medicure.com. People have been living happily since they started using this medicine regularly. Lexapro reviews have shown very positive effects in the first week of usage without any side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does lexapro do to the brain?

Ans : All it does is blocks stress signal to brain cells which is “Serotonin” known as neurotransmitter which affects as                     human mood.

  1. Does lexapro causes more depression?

Ans : Initially in first 7 days you may witness increase in depression but later after 14 days you will see improved                             depression.

  1. How long lexapro may take to show effect ?

Ans : atleast 2 weeks to effect & 2 month to completely recover.

  1. does Lexapro helps extreme fatigue?

Ans : Yes, It may also promote  insomnia , drowsiness, Sweating , drowsiness, Sweating etc.

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