64 bit Endnote to function with 64 bit Outlook


It would be useful if a 64 bit version of EndNote could be produced, or if the 32 bit EndNote could be adapted to function with 64 bit Office Outlook.

The e-mail a reference function does not work between EndNote and the 64 bit version of Office Outlook. Many researchers require the 64 bit version of Office for dealing with large files, so it is not appropriate to change the Office programmes to 32 bit to be able to deal wiith EndNote. As it stands, the e-mail a reference function cannot be used.

Many thanks

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This is surely a now long-overdue and much-needed feature that the Windows version needs.

The email issue also applies to 64-bit Thunderbird for the same reasons - since upgrading Thunderbird from 32-bit to 64-bit I have lost the ability to email references from within Endnote.

Also, and very importantly, a 64-bit version would surely speed the program up. I have an Endnote library of over 133,000 references, and it is slow at times…

If the Endnote team read this forum occasionally, could they give us an estimated date for delivery of a 64-bit Windows version?