A new option in the repeated citations footnote template in order to except specific reference types


I came across a new problem where I have one reference type “legal rules and regulations” where I do not need that repeated consecutive citations are replaced by ibid. or whatever is set in the customize field. 

In fact, I figure out this would not only help me but anyone who wishes to customize more accurately how the repeated citations should be handled. 

In this case, adding an option just below the “Replace repeated data with” option would solve the problem. The new feature should be called “do not replace repeated date for” : reference type (a dropdown selection menu to choose for which reference type, user do not want Endnote to replace repeated data. This options is of course to be used in conjunction with the first option. The list of all reference type in the selection dropdown menu could also use V check marks in order to select more than one reference type. The consequence of not replacing repeated data would result in using the short form instead.