A punctuation mistake for Series title in the Output style for Chicago 15th A

I have downloaded the latest version of the style for Chicago 15th A (dated February 6, 2008) from http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp and note that the following mistake is still there: there should be a period instead of a comma before a series title (see CMS, p. 669, par. 17.90). It is in the footnotes that the series titles is preceded by a comma. It is odd that there should (still) be a mistake in one of the most used styles.

Thank you for reporting this error, we have updated the file on our site and attached the corrected format here as well.



Thomson Reuters

Chicago 15th A.ens (43.8 KB)

I am sorry, but (unless the actual uploading has not been completed) the file still contains the mistake. When editing the style, under Bibliography | Templates, one should read Volume|.*Series Title (where * is the Link Adjacent Text symbol), rather than Volume|,*Series Title.

Upon closer examination, and I hope that I am not mistaken, it seems that the modification has been made not to the Book template but to the Journal Article one, because the following problems have been introduced in this template:

When there is only Volume (and no Issue), there is a comma between the volume number and the year in parentheses. When there is only Issue, there is no comma before the “no.” The punctuation is correct when both volume and issue are entered. Here are examples as per the file downloaded:

[Number entered under volume]: Journal 20, (2005) rather than Journal 20 (2005)

[Number entered under issue number]: Journal no. 20 (2005) rather than Journal, no. 20 (2005)

We actually did some updates to this file to accomodate a different issue with errant spacing, which unfortunately undid some of the intentional formatting.  I have corrected this.  The other issue with the Book Series has been corrected also.

Our Chicago style has been put back into the QC cycle to make sure we haven’t missed any other specific formatting issues.

Thank you again!

RSContent Admin

Chicago 15th A.ens (43.9 KB)

Well, it seems that, though the punctuation problem in volume and issue numbers of journal articles has been fixed,  the “comma instead of period” problem before a series title in the template for book is back in the last .ens file posted. Furthermore, I am wondering whether the book template should not also feature “Volume|.*Series Title|,*Series Volume|.” to let the number within the series display when available.

I would also like to note a curious problem: When I right-click on your link and choose “Save Target As…”, I am unable to modify the filename to avoid overwriting a file in my directory. The file simply does not save. This has never happened with any other site.