A Version 9 problem with the Keywords window

I recently upgraded from Version 7 for Mcintosh to Version 9 for Mcintosh.  After I did so, I experienced a very irritating problem with the keywords window.  When opened, the window will only show about the first 20 characters of each keyword, followed by “…” if there are more than 20 characters.  This makes most of my keywords useless.  

There is a workaround.  One can click on the “Lists” button at the top of the window.  If you then click on “Journals” in the dialog box below, then on “Terms” at the top the Journals list will appear.  If you then slide the column-width-control bar at the top of the window for the “Full Journal” column all the way to the right, then click on the “Lists” button, select “Keywords”, then click “Terms”, the keywords window will reopen with all characters displayed.

Needless to say, this is a very slow and frustrating way to get the keywords window to open in a usable fashion.  Every time one clicks on “Insert Term”, the window automatically closes and one has to go through the process all over again the next time one needs keywords.  I probably use the keywords entry 10 to 20 times a day.

I hope that Clarivate can post an update soon that solves this problem.


Fred Phillips