Ability to insert citation online in a website


I would like to be able to insert a citation in an online document.

I have a website built with Drupal, so I guess it is using XHTML.

Would that need a new plugin like the CWYW plugin for MS Word?

If yes, does it exist? who can produce one and what would it cost?

Or is there another or better option? 

I noticed that if I insert an endnote reference into a Word document and then copy the curly bracket format, then I can insert that in an online document, and later, copy and paste that into a Word document and all the Endnote functionalities are intact.

I need this ability to use my Drupal website for 2 purposes:

  1. to publish articles as normal to online frontend users and showing the references and bibliography

  2. to produce internal documents for export to MS Word. That is, to use my Drupal database to create documents with references which I can later download and use as normal Word documents with Endnote.

thank you