ABNT Style

We have a problem using Brazilian style “ABNT”. The rule for the reference type “Book” is: The Title of a book is in bold type followed of colon and the subtitle, BOTH, COLON AND SUBTITLE, IN NORMAL TYPE.  How can I get this in EndNote without create a new field for the subtitle?

I don’t think you can, although you could try to lock in the formating in each field for those types of books.  Another example of the publisher doing all it can to complicate the lives of their writers.  WHY do they need that format? (Deep sigh).  

 – at the end of the day, I find that most publishers that have indyosyncratic requirements such as this, have the resources to implement them at the publication stage of their manuscript handling.  I have certainly never had a paper rejected because I didn’t have an “n” dash between page numbers or a title split in the font formating such as what you describe below.

I get it as close as I can to the requirements and focus on the conent after that.