Add some basic verification script to your code

I’m probably in the minority here, but I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed in this product and think that the company should be ashamed that it charges as much as it does without including some very basic database functions.  I am helping a client with editing their thesis and was amazed at just how poorly the software functioned and couldn’t figure out why the bibliography was so wretched.  

Since I’ve pulled apart the EndNote database file I’ve come to realize that the lovely folk at EndNote failed to include very basic data entry validation checks.  For example, any book that is entered NEEDS  to have both Publisher and Publisher Address  information included in the citation (at least in APA).  Why this software fails to catch this error and force the user to enter the information I have no clue.  

The problem with doing this would be that it would make the software unusable by a different set of people because sometimes information will genuinely be incomplete or need to be added later (for example it would be maddening if it suddenly became impossible to import  information from an online sources where a field was missing or didn’t fit the prescribed format).

Hi Rosemary,

Considering how horribly inaccurate importing the citation information from online sources is, I would expect that folks who are writing and publishing material would take a few minutes to check to make sure that the data is correct.  Additionally, when information is not required for a particular file it would be easy enough to relax the restrictions:

if style != “APA_6th” {

relax database restrictions


else {

include restrictions


Granted that is highly oversimplified, but it is not something that is too much to ask for.  The problem without having validation restrictions is that folks end up publishing material without properly crediting their sources.