My word file, with references, was all correct and I sent it in for a submission

Now, a few days later, I re-open the file and it says addin-encite. This is not at all places, some were not affected.

I have experienced addin en.cite before, but then it was always easy to change. Update citations or something doesn’t work now. I cannot correct this. Furthermore, some superscripted references stayed ‘grey’ when you go over it with the mouse, but some don’t (and are not working anymore). I don’t see why some are still correct and others don’t. Furthermore, there is text inserted. I cannot find a way to fix it.

Can you help my? My ICT helpdesk at work cannot.

Thank you

NB: see the attached file

You should be able to adjust the global setting in Word using the the steps from our website:–ADDIN-ENCITEinstead-of-the-citations?language=en_US

Additionally, if you are only seeing the codes being displayed for specific citations, this can often be caused by Tracking Changes in a document.  To hide the field codes for a single citation that may be behaving this way Right Click on the specific citation in the document, or [Control]+Click on a Mac, and choose the “Toggle Field Code” option from the context menu.  This will hide the field code, and display the formatted citation if the problem is affecting a single citation.

Dear moderators,

This is unfortunately not solving the problem. In the options menu, the hide field-code box was already unchecked (and I checked and unchecked it, to be sure). Furthermore, I cannot do anything by clicking on the wrongly displayed citations, since they are not ‘grey anymore’ so nothing happens / there is no function for the right-mouse-click / addin en.cite is not linking to something.

Some citations are correct, but others don’t. The thing I don’t understand is that this has happend twice already, and I fixed it step-by-step, manually which took me a lot of time. When I saved the document (and submitted it to a journal) everything was fine. But when I re-opened the file, a few days later, this has happened (exactly as one week earlier). I don’t feel very inclined to do this all again manually - especially since it apparently happens again and again…

Anything to help?

Thank you

Rosa Geurtzen.

apparently: the discussion only converted to plain text. I don’t know how this has happened, this is not something I did. and it seems like it happend AFTER saving the file.

Does anybody had any experience in how this could happen (twice?)

thank you very much

It is possible that your document has corrupt field codes in it.  We have a FAQ on our web site that gives the steps to remove all of the field codes and clean up the document.  You should first make a backup of your Word document and then follow the steps in the FAQ at:

If that does not help then I would contact Technical Support

1-800-336-4474 or