Adding one single reference from pubmed


I would like to know if there is a direct way to add a reference, without having to writte it manually or do a search, from a page on pubmed (for example:

Thanks a lot!

How about Display as MEDLINE, Send to File, then go to Reference Manager and import with NLM MEDLINE filter?

That worked perfectly! Thanks again.

I dont know why but I am not able to find a single article by searching for the title. I just copy and paste the title from an article but that didnt give any result. Do you think I am doing something wrong?

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Do you mean in PubMed? Your “parietal lobe…” example? No problems here.

Yes. When I search directly in PubMed I can find the articles. But when I search in RefMan using the title for searching in PubMed It didnt get me any result. Any Idea?

I see what you mean. I have no idea how the PubMed search in Reference Manager works, but it’s definitely strange. Another reason why I’d always use the native database interfaces.

I like pubmed. I am used to it but I`ll give it a try…

Thanks for your attention.