AIDS citation style is Non-superscripted Number

The citation style for “AIDS” does not match what said on the web page. It stated “Non-superscripted Number”. But the actual style is superscripted. This is easy to fix in the document. But it is annoying. The journal actually prints Non-superscripted style numbers. 

Or did I misunderstand or misuse the Endnote X8?

I would report this to developers here.  (although in theory they monitor this forum, but I haven’t noticed that it translates into a correction on the endnote styles collection).  

But you can easily fix the output style yourself, following these manuals, so you don’t have to “fix it” in word every time?

I also attach a corrected version of the output style where [1] is no longer superscripted.

AIDS.ens (12.3 KB)