Amazed and...amazed that Office 2011 is not supported!

Even your own website (for product information) fails to mention this rather glaring oversight.

I’m sorry, but 1Q 2011 is simply not good enough. You guys should have been on top of this and had a patch ready prior to Office being released. I also don’t accept your excuse that you don’t test with pre-release products…why not? Every other single software company does. At such a late stage of release Microsoft were only ever going to be making very minor changes anyway.

You’ve totally dropped the ball and put thousands of customers in a rather difficult situation. It’s even more bizarre when you consider than Word 2011 comes with a very good built-in replacement for Endnote. You would think you guys may have wanted to counter that rather than have your flagship product not working with the very thing it is designed to work with!