ambiguous authors "glued" together with standard styles like "J ecology"


until yesterday I used EN8 with word 2007 on Win XP. As I experienced many problems, I desinstalled it (deleting also afterwoads the remaining folders with styles etc.) and downloaded the trial Version X3. But a problem remains:

when I insert 2 or more citation froim a same first author and same year, ENX3does the same as EN8: unstead of inserting letters after the years (a,b,c) as it should do, according to the settings of the different .ens I used (e.g. “J ecology”), EN just “glue” together the second author Last name. See below:

(BairdBeckwith et al., 2004)

(BairdPrice et al., 2004)

(BairdSurridge et al., 2004)



Baird, A.J., Beckwith, C.W., Waldron, S. & Waddington, J.M. (2004) Ebullition of methane-containing gas bubbles from near-surface Sphagnum peat. Geophysical Research Letters, 31.

Baird, A.J., Price, J.S., Roulet, N.T. & Heathwaite, A.L. (2004) Special issue of hydrological processes wetland hydrology and eco-hydrology. Hydrolological Processes, 18, 211-212.

Baird, A.J., Surridge, B.W.J. & Money, R.P. (2004) An assessment of the piezometer method for measuring the hydraulic conductivity of a Cladium mariscus - Phragmites australis root mat in a Norfolk (UK) fen. Hydrological Processes, 18, 275-291. 

I tried to chnage a bit the stilye setting (e.g. under Citation > ambiguous citations > only last option checked or no option checked), but nothing changed, while inserting again the citations in a new .doc after deletion of the wrong ones.

The problem is general: also other changes do not occure in the citation format, if I change the output style. For instance “et. al.” always comes in italic, wether it is unchecked or not under Citations > Authors list Abbr. authors -First & Second Appearence.

Thanks for any help not necessitating much work for me and you !


Hello Francophil.

This was due to an invalid setting in the style itself, if you open the style, and select Citations/Author Lists/Author Separators/

The first line should say:

Number of Authors          Between                            Before Last

     1      to       2                 (blank)                    <space>and<space>   (where <space> is an actual space)

      3     to     100              comma<space>     <space>and<space>  

This will force the comma space between the author names.

Please let me know if you have further questions, we have udpated the style for future releases of our program.


Cheryl -  Content Admin

Thanks for reply, Cheryl !

actually I solved the problem without changing the settings as you recommanded. I just change about 6 times the style back and forth in the Word menu and and then suddenly the names weren’t packed anymore together and the italic “et al.” also disappeared as it should with normal “J ecology” settings. 

Now I changed the settings as you recommande, and I work the same: properly. So I can’t say really what induced the problem.

Do you mean that you changed the .ens for “J ecology”? If yes, would it be possible to download the last version soon? I only downloaded the whole package of style with the EN trial version. 

By the way, there is something I do not understand with X3. How can I avoid that all my search are saved into All References. I do not wantto save them all. Shall I always delete those I do not want and pack the others in a group? I actually did not want to do that, beacause some poeple I work with have EN8 and I did not see the possibility to read/create groups with that old version.

If I encounter another problem with the style, I will tell it to you, as asked.



Information on changes to the behavior of Online Search results is covered here:

This FAQ specifically mentions version X2 but it applies to version X3 as well.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Hello Francophil,

I’m attaching the updated style.  Just save it in the styles folder over the existing one and you should be able to see the changes.

Cheryl - Content Admin

J Ecology.ens (9.25 KB)

Hello Thanks for the attached style-file and the explanation on the new search modus. I did not see the difference between the new and the “original” .ens settings, but it does not matter, since it works now. For your information: I experience another problem. The popup menu in word, while right clicking on a citation in a text, is not working properly. First nothing appears on the right of the label Edit citation. Only after I switch to “nummerieren” (numbering?) or another field of the popup menu, then it appears correctly. Is it because I use a German MS word 2007 ? I did not have this problem with EN8. Greatings, Francophil