annoyance: X4 does not handle apostrophes correctly in author given or family names

Hi - Just noticed this annoyance.

I have an author: Ghil’ad Zuckermann.

X4 turns this into: Zuckermann, G. a. 

Is there anyway around this?

Also, I note that family name O’Connor becomes O’connor.

Why isn’t the correct capitalisation preserved?

For the first example (Ghil’ad Zuckermann), in the Author field reverse-order the name and add an extra comma after the last name:

Zuckermann, Ghil’ad

In the second example (O’Connor), I didn’t experience the problem you described. “O’Connor” (with a capital “C”) was correctly displayed as entered in the Author field. 

When you say the name “changed” do you mean you typed “O’Connor” but the auto completion changed it to “O’connor” (lower-case “c”)?  If so, the problem might be that “O’connor” was previously entered at some point and has been added to the author term list. Deleting “O’connor” from the term list should resolve the problem. [Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Tools > Open Term Lists > Authors Term Lists. Then scroll through the list to locate and delete “O’connor”. Close the dialog box to save changes and exit.]


*Edited addendum: Also in the event you haven’t upgraded, there’s a patch for X4 which upgrades the program to X4.0.2. To access the update go to the toolbar, click “Help” then “EndNote Program Updates” or go to this url for info and downloading instructions:

Thanks for that info.

Typing in ’ Zuckermann, Ghil’ad’ produced the output reference list entry ’ Zuckermann, Ghil’ad’, but I was hoping to see the correct form ’ Zuckermann, G.

There was no ’ O’connor’ in my author term list.

After adding author ’ O’Connor’, I get ’ O’Connor’ in the author term list.

If I enter the author name ’ Fred O’Connor’ or ’ O’Connor, Fred’ the author name in reference list entry becomes 'O’connor

However, the problem turned out to be the Output Style ’ Author Name’ setting. Capitalisation was ’ Norma l’ - changing to ’ As Is’ fixed it!!!