(Anon., year) in text?

Hello everyone,

I’m new on the forum and tried to find the answer by myself… but now I need your help :smiley:

I’m creating a template in endnote X4, and I cannot manage to insert anon. automatically in the text when my reference is authorless… is there a solution for that?

what I want is:

blablabla ( anon., year )

what I get is:

blablabla ( year )

then, I need to edit the reference and add the prefix anon. , but it would be easier to get it done automatically…

In the template, I’ve ticked replace by: anon. (or similar?) in the _Anonymous wo_rk section; I thought it would work, but nop, it doesn’t!

Also, I could write anon. instead of leaving the field author blank when I create the reference, but it wouldn’t be ok for some journals which want anonymous

If you have the solution, please, let me know



Definitely sounds like a bug to me, as the help clearly states that the Anonymous settings should apply to all parts, but in my test it was only applied to the bibliography.  It should be reported to the developers. As a temporary work around, could you create a new record and type “Anon” as the author in the record itself? Not automated.  The alternative is the solution you already mentioned, of manually editing each citation and adding the prefix  Use that when you are working with a publisher that requires the word Anon. ? A bit of  a pain, but hopefully temporary?