Any chance to get the replaced file/attachments back?

Dear All,

I am asking for some possible solutions to get the wrongly replaced enl file back.

Yesterday my word file was loaded with some problem and there was a pop-up of Endnote to ask me if I wanna replace the file. I entered Yes. The original Enl file with 100 entries (with attachments) was replaced with a brand new Enl file with the same name.

I tried to use Tools>‘recover library’ but I did not get the original file back. I may have lost the original Enl file, but I wonder if there is any easy way to get the subdirectory back. I have got lots of PDFs files attached to the original file. 

Hope all (at least some) of them can be re-found. Thank you for your advices in advance.


My OS WinXP, Word 2003 and Endnote X2

If you have not already done so, consider copying the .enl file and corresponding .data folder from a backup to your hard disk. You do have a back up, right!