APA 6th edition


I have just downloaded the update for APA 6.

When I went to generate a bibliography there were two selection options in the drop down menu: “APA 6th cited pages” and “APA 6th”.

What is the difference between the two selections? When should I use one or the other?

Thanks… Susan

Greetings Susan,

The APA 6th cited pages output style allows you to include cited page information within your in-text citations.  After inserting a citation within a document being formatted with the APA 6th cited pages output style, you would highlight the desired citation and customize it by typing in the cited page information into the “Pages” field of the “Edit Citation(s)” window.  You would be left with a customized citation that looked something like this:

(Smith, 2000 p. 456). 

The other mentioned output style, APA 6th, would give you standard author date citations that look something like this:

(Jones, 1995).

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