APA 6th - Old vs new Reference Type Matrix

Hi Endnote/APA6th users,

Lot of web pages are passing on the information about the not so straightforward procedure required to use the new APA 6th style, namely to install the modified Reference Type matrix in addition to the Style file.

My problem is that, despite numerous tries, I’ve never been able to identify specific cases where the old matrix fails to comply with APA 6th rules. In other words, I see no difference in the display of references with either the old or the new matrix. I also found that the differences between the 2 matrix are very scarcely documented.

Have you been able to pinpoint specific cases/rules/reference types where the old matrix clearly cause incorrect display and where the new matrix fix those problems ?



Just wondering but have the two .xml files did you check the “Modified” data for each?  If both files have the same date, maybe there wasn’t and “old” or “new” matrix - they’re one in the same.  This may be further verified from your examination and findings of “no difference”.

However, it seems the best arbiters would be: the EndNote Team.  So, EndNote Team, what say you?