APA - how to increase the number of citations


I’m currently trying to edit the «JAMA» Endnote style for a journal submission. Unfortunately, whenever I apply this style on my reference list, the number of citations included within my bibliography changes drastically (it seems that there is a maximum/cut-off of 56 citations in the bibliography when using the JAMA style); yet I couldn’t find where I could increase this “maximum”. Does anyone have an idea how I could fix this?

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I do not see a restriction on citation number, when I apply the JAMA output style to an existing manuscript. I created a document with 104 records cited, and that is what I got.  What is your workflow.  The output style I used is attached.  

JAMA.ens (33.6 KB)

I am not sure what difference there was between our output styles but yours worked fine. Thank you!