Appending to search results

In Procite I can retain a previous search result when performing a new search. So far have not found a way to do this in Endnote X6. Any way this can be done?

OK, here’s my workaround. I do my searches from a separate library, The search results will all be saved, but then I can delete them at will, for exampe after I have finished the search session.

When you perform a new search, you will see a Confirm Online Search dialog that asks you to confirm which references you want to download. In that dialog, there’s a checkbox to “clear currently displayed results before retrieving records.” Make sure that option is unchecked.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Well, OK, that works, but now I want that box to stay at the last specified state. When I uncheck it and do another search, I want it to be unchecked. As it is now, I have to uncheck it for every subsequent search in the current session.

A suggestion for your development team, I presume.

Yes, thanks. We’ll add it to the list.

 - Mathilda