Aquaculture output style

One of our researchers will be sending an article to the Elsevier journal Aquaculture. If there are 2 authors, the intext citation should look like (Chen and Jones, 1999) but currently the style template displays (Chen, Jones 1999). I’ve looked in the style editor but I can’t see anywhere to add the and between Chen and Jones. Obviously the ultimate would be to get the template corrected but as a short term measure I thought I could show him how to edit it. Any advice please? Or anyone got an updated template they can let me have?

Hello, Jayne1:

This setting can be found in the style under Citations>Author Lists.

You would change it so that it says

Number of Authors   between                     before last

1 to 2                            {leave this blank}       and

Be sure to put a space before and after the word “and” so that it formats correctly.

Many thanks for that - and so obvious when you pointed it out! One happy researcher

Glad to help, Jayne! Have a great weekend.