Assigning unique numbers for each reference, including repeated references (required by the journal)

Dear Team, this was asked before but not answered. I want each of my numbered citations to have its own number, even if it is a repeated citation. Right now, if I repeat a citation later in the text it will be given the same  number as the earlier citation but I want it to have its own number. So I have [1] … [2] … [3] … [1] … what I want is the last [1] to be a [4] and then use the short form in the bibliography. Even when I manually add page numbers, the book I am referencing stays at [1].

Please see this document for the requirements I am trying to follow: Elsevier Procedia Computer Science 

They state not to use footnotes, and to use a “sequential numeric system”. Did I get something wrong? 


I read it as in order of appearance, not repeating references a second time. 

Thanks for you feedback. I now sent a mail to Elsevier asking for a clarification.

Repeating the [1] seems awkward to me as I have never seen this approach in publications, or never noticed. Is it usual for numbered reference styles? I mostly used the Chicago Style.


Very usual.  reusing  reference [1] later in the text, reuses the [1] in that context.  I have never seen any style that would waste the space in a reference list to repeat the ref over and over again in the bibliography. 

This is exactly what I need to do because it’s been requested by a client.

I need ot provide a fresh/uinique PDF copy for each individual citation, rather than each reference.

So if a reference is repeasted it needs its own citation and an extratced PDF.

Is this possible?

With thanks