Attached File Naming and Ordering


I suggest greater flexibility in the naming and ordering of attached files.  My publications typically have online supplements that I like to attach to the endnote record along with the published .pdf and a uncopyrighted version of the accepted manuscript suitable for online servers.  I use the auto naming feature, and when multiple documents are attached, Endnote changes the last character in the auto-generated name to a numeral that increases with each additional attachment.  Problem is that this numeral is not descriptive of the specific attachement.  I would recommend a feature that allows either adjustment to the file name after attachement, or adjustment to the autogenerated name before attaching so that the user can start with the auto-generated name, but then customize with text descriptive of each different attachment’s contents.

In addition the system specifies which attachment is the default for preview, and this is not always the best choice. It would be good to have a feature that allows the user to specify which document is the default for preview, and the order in which multiple attachments are listed/appear.