Attached PDFs are missing in the Attachment Folder


I imported a Excel list with attached files into a new end note library, so far it worked well and all files can be seen in the preview. The big problem now is that I tried to use the library on another computer and there are less then a quarter of the files still available, so i checked the attachment folder endnote created and realised that there are lot´s of files missing.

So my question would be if there´s a way to save them all again from the original computer where all files are still available in the preview so that the files are finally also saved all in the attachment folder?

Would be great if someone could help me :wink:


What is you setting for in preferences URL & Links?  The box should be checked if you want them to be copied to the “relative folder”  which is the default setting.  You can also “convert to relative links” from the references, file attachments options in endnote to move any files that had been attached while in that mode.

Finally, if you had in the past (as I used to, way back when), used the “figure” field", rather than the newer file attachment field, you can move some or all of them via an option in the "references>figure options. 

In the Preferences are all settings correct so that wasn´t the problem, but marking all files and using “convert to relative links” worked. so thanks a lot :slight_smile:

That setting must have been off at some point I guess.  Glad it worked!