Author order for Web of Science references

I am not sure when this happened, but within the past ~6 months, Web of Science appears to have switched the author order of its references. Now it is putting the corresponding author first. This is a major problem because the author order shows up wrong in bibliographies, and it conflicts with all the references already in my library, primarily downloaded from Web of Science.

This is a known issue with the data being exported from Web of Science. Our understanding is that it has already been reported and is expected to be corrected in an upcoming Web of Science update.

Thanks Gillian. Do you have a guess as to how soon this update is coming? Until that happens I have to avoid downloading updates from Web of Science as they are incorrect.

I am afraid I do not, as I don’t support that product. However, you could try contacting the Web of Knowledge Technical Support team who track these issues for more detailed information.

Apologies that I cannot be of more assistance!