Author's first name is also the "file under" name

I’m having difficulty figuring out how to enter some more peculiar names.

For example, Man Ray, the artist is always filed under M… never R.  It is never correct to have “Ray, Man,” thus any bibliography entry will show  First Last, Title etc.  

However, if I just enter the name as “Man Ray” vs. “Ray, Man” in the author field, my footnotes appear as “Man and Ray.”

I found somewhere a suggestion for , double commas (, Man Ray), but that ends up excluding the name from all footnotes.

How should I be entering the author name to have it always, in every scenario, appear as “Man Ray”?

Add a comma at the end of the name.  Like a company.  the double comma thing, is when there is a comma in the business or organization name.  if no commas, no problem…