Automatic Ref IDs Skipping

We are currently having an issue when we import a new reference.  We know RefMan can automatically assign a ‘Ref ID’, however, in numerous cases, the assigned numbers are skipping.  (ie, 11563, 11564, 11568…). Does anyone know what causes this and if so, is there a solution other than manually backtracking and filling in ‘holes?’

The ID are autoamtically assigned and never are repeated, even if you delete a reference, the ID number of that reference is never used again. That is:

if you create 4 references, the ids would be 1,2,3 and 4. If you delete the reference 2 and add a new reference, the ids would be: 1,3,4 and 5

Actually, that’s not entirely true.

If you use the “Rebuild Database” command, those unused Reference ID’s will be made available for re-use.

Please make sure you have a backup copy of the database before using that command though.

At that point, if need be, you can go back and fill in the holes in the ID list.

How does one access the “Rebuild Database” function? I’ve got EndNote 8, and can’t find that term either in the Help or in the Tools.

Greetings tswindle,

You’ve come across a post in a Reference Manager forum, which is not intended for queries about the EndNote software.  However, we do have an EndNote FAQ on our site here- that outlines the proper steps for running the “Recover Library” command on a corrupted EndNote library.

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