Batch function for updating reference information

Please insert a function into the “find reference update” so that it is possible to mark numerous papers where the information is updated automatically, without having to click for each paper individually (i.e., batch processing). Just add a box to click. Same for all marked references.


I complete agree, I have a library with 8000+ reference and I like to get most of them updated, to get abstracts and DOI inserted in my library. 

A batch option would be wonderful. Maybe in the popup window named “Review Available Updates” a checkbox should be added next to the “Save Updates” button that allows you to say “Apply Options to All Selected References”. Once you then click the “Save Updates” button a confirmation box comes up to ask if you are sure to apply updates to all references selected and if you confirm then it just will go churning. This function could be trottled if otherwise the servers get overloaded.


Your requested function may already have been implemented.

Try using “Find and replace” from the Edit menu or the “Change/Move/Copy Fields” item of the Tools menu.  These commands can be applied to highlighted references and search reults.



Navid, Yes they can be applied to search results, but NOT to highlighted references.  You first need to hide the non-highlighted records.