Be able to flag a reference as "Unchecked" meaning unverified

Example, I have created a new reference type for book containing the details

Smith, John (2015) “The big book of everything”. NY: Big Book Press.

But I got this reference from a web page found in a search and don’t know whether that is the exact title or year of publication. I want to put it in my endnote library. But I want to remind myself that I haven’t checked it

What is the best way to do this?

i phoned technical suport. I asked them if there was a spreadsheet with the generic fields in the first column and the different reference types in the other columns so I could see the mapping of default fields for all reference types to determine which was blank. They said none was available!!! Unbelievable!!!

Warm regards/gary

In EndNote’s PDF Help manual, which is installed in its program (or application) folder there is a Table of Predefined Reference Types. It is not a speadsheet but it does show the Generic ref type and all its fields, then displays the other ref  types next to it, two at a time.

The Help manual is also available online here: EndNote X7 User Manual

Do you use the rating field for something else?  I would just use that and mark unverified with only one star?  That column can then be sorted on.  

Hi Leanne

Thanks for your idea. I already use rating

The Endnote Developer’s need to address this obvious yet simple requirement

Warm regards/gary

Hi Moderator

Yes I am aware of the PDF Help file has page after page of Reference Types but nowhere does EndNote have a simple spreadsheet

I am using it to build a spreadsheet with the information

As I wrote to Leanne:The Endnote Developer’s need to address this obvious yet simple requirement

Warm regards/gary

I agree there should be an old fashioned excel spread sheet of the generic fields and their ref type equivalents.

This seems like it should be an easy thing to construct from the exported xml by someone in the team? I am surprised no one has done so?  Used to be a printed one in the old Endnote manuals.  

See the new thread I have created in which I attach the spreadsheet I have created

The need for a verfied field in all Reference Types is still required. Have you pushed the developers to add it?