Bibliography Categorization and Alpha Order


I’m at the tail end of my thesis. My bibliography is about 60 pages long. The references are all categorised, into categories required by my uni’s preferred style guide.

I’ve just noticed that about 30 pages into the first category, the bibliography starts again alphabetically but with references missing from the first 30 pages. This happens in all five categories. What on earth is happening and how do I fix it? Any help at all is appreciated. 

The document is broken into about 20 sections, 8 of which are chapters. I think its important to note that the categories aren’t starting again 8 times over, only once within every category, about midway through.

Any help at all would be most appreciated. 

Thanks :slight_smile:


What output style are you using?  – are there chapter bibliographies or one at the end?  – if chapter, then having more sections than chapters are going to cause a problem.  Can you zip up the style and attach it to a reply?  

Did you construct the chapters or sections separately and then joing them and if so, were the citations unformated when you combined the different parts?