Bibliography Numbering and Product activation

 I have a numbering issue with the bibliography, its does not appear in the bib other than a repeating 1. Preceding  all entries  when viewed in citation manager  ( double clicking in text reference ).

Method used was edit > output style> Harvard ( using custom version e.g. Harvard copy) > layout in field start each field with bibliography number insert stop after y -  insert arrow 

there is also a license window that keeps on being presented for activation in a second endnote popup, this should not happen as the endnote is distributed via the university campus ( not requiring a key )  soe image, it appears to be a 2nd version of endnote icon popping up.

Could this be a version that is not installed properly? As I have installed removed the program several times.

All help appreciated.

  - Alastair

edit .  i am using a Mac with i work pages , also have word for mac installed, an emulator for xp (parallels) and dual boot to windows xp.  curently booted into the mac side with this problem, emulator is not running.

Mostly use the emulator and Mac