Bibliography problem in Harvard style

I’m using Mac OSX 10.7.3, Endnote X5 build 7473, Word 2011 for Mac build 14.2.2.

Using Harvard style, I get the following error in the bibliography:

 [Accessed 13 May 2012.

The closing bracket is missing on all “accessed” references. Any idea what is happening, or the best way to fix it?


Craig Dunning

You might check the Harvard style’s bibliography template* for the particular reference (e.g., Journal Article, Book, etc.) to see if the closing bracket is missing. If the bracket is missing then it’s just a matter of manually typing-in the bracket, saving the changes, then using the new output style file (see note below).

If the problem persists after modifying the style or downloading a replacement style contact tech support as the the issue may be Mac-related:


*Note: To access the output style go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit Harvard. When the Harvard output style dialog window appears locate the section labeled “Bibliography” then click “Templates”. On the right side of the dialog window locate the corresponding template (e.g., Journal Article) which was generating the missing bracket.  If the bracket is missing, enter a bracket then exit the output style dialog window.

Note that changes to the output style will be saved as a copy (e.g., “Harvard Copy”) so change both EndNote/MS Word to use the new output style.

In lieu of modifying the bibliography template you could download a “fresh” output style:

Thanks for the tip CG. I did what you suggested and it appears that all is there as it should be. I’ve sent a request for tech support to bail me out on this one.