Bibliography repetition!

Only very recently has the bibliopgraphy started repeating itself when I add a new footnote/citation. For some reason Endnote appears to regenerate the complete bibliography for every new citation! Clearly I’m doing something wrong?

Is it a Mac or PC.  Either way, it is likely that there is a corrupt code in the document.  Make a copy of the document and on the copy, perform the steps in this kb article to clean up any field codes.

Thank you Leanne

It seems to have done the trick! You have saved me much effort - legend!


Hi Leanne

I’m having the same problem as before but the link you posted for me the last time is no longer valid… can you help again please?



The KB site appears to be having problems (July 18, 2016)  but I could get to the site here: and search for the KB number 81143.