"Blind Endnotes" AKA unnumbered endnotes, ala CMoS 14.48, possible?

I’m new to EndNote, so forgive any ignorance here. Is it possible to set the output style so that there are no visible in-text citations, and the endnotes are instead keyed to the page number and an excerpt/line of the text? This style is described in Chicago Manual of Style 14.48: [quoted below]

"Notes keyed to text by line or page numbers:

In some works—translations and editions of the classics, for example, or books intended for a more general audience—it may be desirable to omit note numbers in the text. Any necessary notes may then be keyed to the text by line or page number, or both, usually followed by the word or phrase being annotated. (Line numbers are used as locators only if line numbers appear in the text.) Such notes may appear as footnotes or endnotes. The keywords may be distinguished from the annotation typographically (e.g., with italics or boldface) and separated from the annotation by a colon or the use of brackets or other devices. Quotation marks, if used at all, should be reserved for keywords that are themselves direct quotations in the text."

There are examples in CMoS 14.6 as well. 

This style of sometimes referred to as “unnumbered endnotes,” “blind endnotes,” or “endnotes keyed to page number/text.” Here’s an example of how the endnotes would appear in final format:


pg. 3 [the pg. of the manuscript to which the endnote refers] The chicken crossed the road… [excerpt of the sentence to which with endnote refers] John Brown, The Big Book of Chicken Jokes, (New York: Random House, 1990), 1-2. 

pg. 4, _To get to the other side…, _Ibid., 2. 

And so forth. 

The text itself would have no visible in-text citations. 

Any ideas? 

Not that I can come up with.