Book citation error using APA 6th revised


I am having trouble with in-text citations of a book using APA 6th (revised).  The reference looks fine in the bibliography, but in the word document it looks like this: 

(F. Benedetti, 2009). 

I can’t seem to get this to change, even when I create a brand new reference.  The strange thing is, other books are cited properly in the same document. 

Any pointers? 

Thanks, Sarah

Usually initials are displayed where primary authors have the same name. Do you have more than one primary author named Benedetti?

If you have the same author who happens to have multple works, suggest you recheck the Author field to see if the name was entered differently (e.g., additional blank space, mispelling).  You also might try copying-and-pasting the name (from the Author field) from one reference type to the other to ensure both entries are the same.