book section cites wont show up in word's bibliography

Hello everyone,

I’m working on my thesis with word & Endnote and there is one problem, that drives me to insanity for weeks - so i hope somebody is able to help me.

So in general Endnot is working well - as long as i cite “Journal articles”.

But i need to use a handul of cites that are “book sections”.
So here is the problem:

There is no problem with downloading the cites, open them in Endnote and insert the citation by endnote in the continous text in Word. But for some reason it wont show up in the bibliography at the end of the thesis ?!

Furthermore, after inserting the cite there is a gap in the bibliography at that point, where the citation is meant to be.

Maybe someone had that problem before or has any smart idea…

I’m grateful for every