book section entry

I am trying to get the following citation entered into endnote web correctly.

Demo, D. H. and Savin-Williams, R. C. (1992). Self-concept and stability. In Lipka, R. P., and Brinthaupt, T. M. (eds.), Self-perspectives across the life span. State University Press, New York.

When I use the book section my citation lacks the “In Lipka, R. P., and Brinthaupt, T. M. (eds.),” portion. In what field do I have to enter this information to get it to print out in the citation?



I am using endnote for web, Microsoft Word 2007, and cite while you write. I believe the endnote for web is the X3 version.

Which output style are you using?  Does the style format book sections that way?  APA, for instance, does.