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Singapore is a standout amongst the most famous honeymoon destinations in South-East Asia. It is also known as the Lion city, the Garden city and the Red Dot. So in case you are thinking to book a Singapore honeymoon package , get ready to enjoy a powerful mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western culture. You will have loads to discover including delicious food, street shopping, contemporary artworks and much more.

You can start your vacation in Singapore’s social heart – Chinatown. This place has a large number of pagodas, mosques and shops; it is the most demanding ethnic neighborhood. You can walk through the Chinatown or attend the Singapore Heritage Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival; you can do a lot of things in Chinatown. Shop for some ethnic items and things from ancient times here. From that point, make a way towards Kreta Ayer’s Food Street or to one of the vogue eateries in Telok Ayer to enjoy their food. Then visit the Orchard Road, one of Singapore’s best shopping areas, for never ending shopping from world-class shopping centers of global brands. Orchard Street gets its name from all the plantations around it that existed amid the twentieth century. The Orchard Road is crowded with a lot of shopping centers, upmarket bistros, coffee chains, night clubs and hotels. It is also the primary official place for residences and office of the President of Singapore, The Istana. At night you can go to Singapore’s main nightspot – the remarkable Night Safari; the world’s first untamed life spot where you can visit during the evening. Also enjoy the cable car ride that will take you through 40 hectares of rich timberlands where you can see creatures in their natural habitat in Human tropical rainforests that opens at night. This rainforest made by humans is divided into seven topographical zones, which can be explored by various means. In addition to this you can go on a walk to see panthers, badgers and civets near this forest. The Wallaby Trail is the recent addition to the Night Safari that takes you through the Australian outback to see some intriguing night time creatures.

The next spot in your Singapore honeymoon package is the city’s Civic District with its commanding structures including the City Hall, Parliament House and Supreme Court. The Padang Cricket Club is likewise worth to visit. From there make your way to see one of Singapore’s most vital milestones – the Merlion statue in Merlion Park. At first the park was made to portray as a symbol of The Singapore Tourism Board. You can take your pictures here with the legendary part lion, part fish creature. The beautiful Marina Bay with its long paths, the Marina Bay City Gallery and the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay are other must to be visited places of Singapore. Afterwards, take a voyage through Sentosa Island. The island has a 2-kilometers stretch of mocked, protected shoreline and a lot of attractions for people from all the age groups. These incorporate a 4D Magix (a 4-dimensional theater), the Songs of the Sea Show, the Underwater World (an underground oceanarium highlighting scuba diving) and Dolphin Lagoon including regular meet-the-dolphins’ sessions. The Tiger Sky Tower is a must to be visited due to its beautiful views just like the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom – a place that inhabits a large number of butterflies and insects. The Jewel Cable Car Ride is another highlight of this place that takes you from Sentosa Island to Mount Faber on the territory.

Visit Asia’s solitary Hollywood amusement park Universal Studios, and let yourself loosen up in the mysterious universe of movies. The best rides of this adventurous amusement park take you on a voyage through Hollywood’s top movies including Shrek, Madagascar, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy, Transformers, Battle star Galactica and many more. Walk around Hollywood Boulevard and its Walk of Fame. With a large number of eateries and food courts to choose from, you will find it difficult to choose one. You cannot miss this thrilling adventure spot from your honeymoon package of Singapore**.**

It is not difficult to prove that Singapore is the best destination for the love birds. Shopping, celebrating, and cruising, these are some of the ideal reasons that make people book their Singapore honeymoon package. The city offers an extensive variety of intriguing and energizing activities for the honeymooners. From Night Safari, Botanic Gardens, Singapore Zoo to Sands Skypark, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios on Sentosa, there are a lot of things that altogether make your get-away fascinating. You will be shocked to know how agreeably the general population of this cosmopolitan city lives with individuals from various cultures. This gives tourists a chance to enjoy the best combinations of Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, and Malay societies through food and celebrations. If you are not a foodie till now then you will definitely end up becoming one, while relishing the delicious cuisines of Singapore. Singapore food is completely delightful, and dishes like stew crab, hokkien prawn mee, kaya toast, nasi lemak, Hainanese chicken rice, angle head curry, and laksa made from various cooking ingredients will fulfill your taste buds.

Best time to visit Singapore

Singapore is such a great place that it can be visited consistently, yet the best time to visit Singapore for couples to spend some time alone is November to June because of the fact that great deals of honeymoon packages amid this time are offered by almost all the traveling companies. Don’t forget to book your hotel, resort, and flight tickets of this demanding place in advance to avoid facing any inconveniences. So book your Singapore honeymoon package from Just Click Travels now and enjoy the perfect gateway with your better half.

In spite of the fact that, the perfect duration of a Singapore honeymoon package is not more than 6 nights and 7 days, yet this awesome city has such a great amount of fun to offer that couples find the time nearly nothing to spend at this amazing city.