Bracket not behaving in refs

I have a reference I have been using which wants to put the end bracket down two lines within the text like this,

 (Paling & Pedretti, 2009



I have entered the details the same as other references but it is just this one that plays up. I am using X2








Just to be sure: Have you looked at the reference’s year field and checked that there aren’t one or two unintended line breaks (or spaces) after 2009? There shouldn’t be either after the year.

Spaces or linebreaks are often the cause for errors like this if they only happens to one reference and not all (if all have the error, the problem is probably in the style) .

Best wishes

Jan Ove

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Hi Jan,

Thank you so much, that was the problem. Well not that there were spaces behind the year but the year field was set to two lines. I ended up re-entering the info into a new reference and trashing the old and that fixed it.