Bypass traveling library

Hi folks,

Does anyone know how I can prevent Reference Manager from using a traveling library? The reason I want to do this is that when it comes back, any changes that have been made in the original library are no longer updated (the doc seems to be stuck in limbo with this travelling library…I actually want it to update the citations to reflect the changes we have made on the main database).

I actually don’t really see the point of the traveling library (Maybe I’m missing something!), but whenever anything has 'travelled’it loses all links to the original library. Can it beswitched off in some way?

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Sorry…I forgot to add I’m using RefMan Ver 11.0.1 on Win XP, Office 2007

try “revert to original text” and then format again. that should work

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But why does the “Traveling library” not “update” as well once I make changes to the reference? I’ve got a similar problem like the one described so that some changes that I make to the reference were not updated in my document when I format my bibliography again.

I’ve also come across an incident where I formatted my bibliography- let’s say- 4 times in 2 hours and suddenly the fourth time EndNote included all of the changes that I made to the references in my library.

Does anyone have a suggestion why this happens?

Thanks for your help!

btw: where I can find the “revert to original text” option?

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