Can EN export libraries to HistCite ?

HistCite is a interesting bibliometric tool to analyze and visualize patterns of citation in science. HistCite only works with ISI WoS files (plain text). If you open the file with Wordpad, you see that the file has a structure related with ISI format (FN ISI Export Format, R 1.0,…, etc). This file can be imported to EN libraries.

If you construct a library with EN, is possible to export back it to ISI format?. Do I need a special software?. How I administrate this kind of file if I want to delete or include particular references?

Thanks for any help,


Perhaps you might put the question to the HistCite people. But Presumably you could create a style if one doesn’t exist to export. I used to export to Tomeraider by making my own style. Pretty simple really.