Can someone help me create an Automator or Script to add image files?

I am working with X4.0.2,  on a Macbook with  OSX 10.7.2 (Lion).

I am completing a thesis that uses many images: some that are photos I’ve created,  some that are archived photos, some that are screen shots, and some that are images such as charts or maps, taken from  PDF docs. I manage them in Aperture, but have exported a number of them that I intend to use in the Thesis; these are in the correct size/aspect ratio for inserting, using Word 2011 with CWYW. 

I have these images ready to be brought into EndNote X4 (or I could upgrade to X5). The workflow would be to

  1. create a record, type “Figure”.

  2. Add the figure from Finder.

  3. Add the appropriate information .e.g.image maker/source, date, name and caption.

Then, I’d like a second automator to be able to insert the figure into Word, along with the caption, and required reference info (APA 6th). However, I will modify the placement to be inline with text, rather than as appendices (although I might have to change that in future iterations, e.g. dissertation or journal submissions). 

Since I have a good 100 images to add,  l’d like  to automate this, or I’ll have carpal tunnel in no time! And have a lot of grey hair (um, actually, just more than I already have…)

I’m not a scripter, though  I’ve played a very little bit with Automator. But I would like to be able to just use a keystroke shortcut for each of these actions.  

Is there anyone who has done this already, or that could offer advice?

Thanks so much!