Can you modify the categories when entering a reference?

I’m inputting references into a database. So I click References, New Reference, and a list of categories shows up (Author, Title, Journal, Volume, etc.). The thing is, I only want to input data into 11 of those categories. Rather than just go to the ones I need and input the data, skipping over the ones I won’t input anything to, is there a way to just delete some of the categories? That would make it much easier to input a reference quickly.



I actually just figured it out myself: you yo to Edit, Preferences, Reference Types, Modify Reference types, and merely delete the ones you don’t want.



Your solution accomplishes what you intend, but some day you might want one of the fields you deleted (such as Research Notes). Furthermore, If the field doesn’t exist in the Reference Type, reference field data will be lost when you import records from external databases (such as DOI). Just remember how to add back the fields you deleted when you discover you need that missing data.

Keane’s query brings up a suggestion for future product development: the ability to temporarily hide selected data fields for ease of data entry. This is different from hiding empty fields once a record is created. I rarely enter data manually - I’d much rather import data from an external database, but I can see how this would be helpful for manual data entry.