Can't import Refer BibIX without truncating abstracts

I have approx. 2,300 references in a Papyrus 7 database which runs fine in a DOS window on my old WindowsXP laptop but is not accessible on a new Windows 7 desktop. Guess it’s time to move into the 21st century.

I’ve downloaded a trial of EndNote, which seems to be the gold standard for bibliographic databases, and have used EndNote’s tools and protocols to convert my Papyrus database into what’s called a Refer BibIX text format. All of the information seems to be there, judging by an inspection of the file in Notepad.

However, EndNote will not import more than the first few records in the database unless I first set the conversion-to-Refer BibIX process to truncate the abstracts and comments that are in the Papyrus database. (And by truncate, I mean the abstracts and comments are reduced to only the first several words!) 

I would hate to lose all of that information. Is there a way to force EndNote to accept a file with the full and untruncated abstracts?


Would it be possible to reply to this post with a copy of the text file you’re trying to import into EndNote?  If you’d be unable to attach the text file to this forum post, please contact Technical Support so that we may examine this file:

EndNote Technical Support:

Tel: +1-800-336-4474, press ‘4’ and then ‘1’


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