Can't search online: switching between library and online changes format of AUTHOR field

There is a weird and inefficient behavior when switching between the local library and online search mode. When searching the local library, the author field is simply “Author” but when switching to the online search, this does not retrieve anything. Then if I go through the menu: Tools > Online Search > PubMed (NLM), the author field changes to “Author (Smith, A.B.)” and that works (see attached images).

This is inefficient, becasue I have to go through the menu every time I search online. How I can solve this? Thank you.

Hi lvaszar,

When you click on local library mode, the search box will read “Author”. Then if you switch to online search mode it will still read “Author” until you click on a connector on the left panel such as PubMed.

I hope this is helpful.

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Thank you, that helped. 

Thank you,  that helped.

The take-home message is that Groups (the panel on the left allows switching between the local library and the online search provider) have to be enabled, using the top right scroll-down button: “Show Groups.” Working on a laptop, I was trying to gain real estate and closed all “superfluous” panels.