Changing attachments path while maintaining the groups

Hi everyone,

I have a EndNote library with more than 1000 entries and more than 50 groups and the attachments of this library need to be changed to a different folder (I dont use relative links, all the attachments are in an folder external to the library data). The problem of the attachment paths I was able to solve by exporting the library as RIS, then editing the paths using the “replace” feature of Notepad. After this I imported the file into a blank library and the new paths work very well.

My problem is that all the group information is gone. Is there a way, or format for me to export the library preserving the groups information which at the same time allow me to edit the attachment’s paths?

Using a small library I tried already editing (changing the atachment’s paths) some of the files in the .data folder (namely the Pdf_index.MYD and refs.MYD) on the original -non RIS imported- file, but with no success.

Can anyone help me please? I’m using EndNote x7.



My suggestion would be to globally edit and add an unique keyword to each of the records in each of the groups  so you can use smart groups to re -establish the groups in the new library.  I don’t think there is any way to do this otherwise.  

Thanks Leanne, it is a very time consuming work (depending on the number of grups/entries you have), but I solved it in this way:

For each entry I added on the “label” field the name of each group (using: tools>change/move/copy fields) and then on the new library I run a search on the “Label” field and distributed the results accordingly.

Not ideal, but it worked.

Thanks for the idea.