Changing in-text citation order without unformatting


When both bibliography (references) and in-text citation are “Appearance” order, how do I insert a citation in the middle of multiple citation?

For example, I have a text line like this.

“There are excellent reviews on ANP and BNP [1,2].”

References 1 is about ANP, while 2 is about BNP. Later, I find another reference to be added after 1, such that ANP-related references are 1 and 2, and BNP-related references is 3.

I want to add (insert) the additional reference in the middle, but can I do that without unformatting in CWYW mode? Currently, I’m fixing this by unformatting, insert the additional one, and re-format. But if I unformat, it deletes field code for the location of bibliography and I have to repeat field code relocation many times.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

You shouldn’t have to unformat the whole thing, just select the in-text citation and unformat the one.  It should leave the rest of the references formated and the bibliography in place. 

Oh, I didn’t know that! Now, I can have the bibliography list wherever I want!

Thank you very much, Leann!