Chicago UK footnote?

Hi All, I am using a sligthy edited version of Chicago 16th footnote but am writing in British English. My editor has now informed me that this also affects the footnotes, mainly for the quotation marks but some other things too I beliefe. I have seen that there are some Chicago footnote output styles with UK English (mainly T&F) , but I am not sure what adjustments I made (something around online resources I believe) and if I could recreate it by starting a completely new style. Is there a way to change the output to UK English? Or to easily compare what changes I have made? Or any other smart ideas? I use mac OS BigSur and EN X 9.3.3. Thanks in advance, F.

When I google british footnotes I found this 

which suggested this endnote output style to try? 

Thank you! As I understand it, I would then loose the changes/adaptations I have made though to the current Chicago 16th I am using, correct? Do you know if there is a way I can see what changes I made to re-build them in another output style? All the best, F.

You can open both and judiciously copy and paste them to your style, or vice versa.  There isn’t a way to compare except to open them and scroll thru line by line.