Choice of fields to display when previewing/editing record

EN X8 currently offers the abilty to toggle “Show empty fields”. This is nice when looking at a record, but not totally helpful when editing or entering data. There are a bunch of fields that I will never, even use,including PMCID, NIHMSID and others. It would be wonderful if I could hide them, so I didn’t have to scroll by them, looking for, e.g., the “Research notes” field.  Hiding empy fields doesn’t work here because the Research Notes–which I want to see and enter data into–field is currently empty, as is the PMCID field–which I don’t want to see.

The current preferences offer two models of how this might work. The best is the “Compare references based on…” part of the “Duplicates” tab.  Here’s a list of the fields. Check the ones you want to see when you preview a record.  Less good, perhaps, is the “Display Fields” tab, which lists fields to display.

By making it a preference, each user could set it how they needed it for their use purpose, while preserving the option to make a field visible if they suddenly had need of it.

Thank you for considering.