citation format

Hi ,would you please help me on this issue.

the refrence is 

Samuel, Oluwarotimi Williams, Omisore, Mumini Olatunji, & Atajeromavwo, Edafe John. (2014). Online fuzzy based decision support system for human resource performance appraisal. Measurement, 55, 452-461. doi: 10.1016/j.measurement.2014.05.024

at the first time the citation shows like below:

 (Samuel, Omisore, & Atajeromavwo, 2014)

i changed some setting and then its shows like below:

(Samuel, 2014 :306)

my question is how to change the format in the way that shows all authors and also page number.

thank you

The template in citation should be (Author, Year|:Cited Pages|) and should have no effect on the number of authors showing, at least for first appearance. 

However, if it is the second time that citation is listed rather than the first, the Citation: Author Lists setting in the output style may be different as it could be 4 or more list 1 for first appearance, and then 3 or more list 1 for Subsequent Appearances for example.